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X.Y TOWER | To Celebrate International Women’s Day---2023.3

On the 8th of March, XY TOWER organised a hiking trip to Laojun Mountain for all the women. Before the departure, for celebrating this festival, the company distributed gifts to each employee. In addition, the company also prepared extra prizes for the first three members to reach the top.
After climbing the mountain, we also went to the Pear Blossom Ditch to enjoy the beautiful pear blossom.
The day was full of activities and everyone had a great time!
Happy March 8th for every woman.

X.Y TOWERS | 2022 Annual Company Meeting Activities—2022.12

To celebrate the successful completion of the year's work, the company held an annual meeting. The event kicked off with a wonderful lion dance.

Then there was the lucky draw that all the staff looked forward to. After that, each departments began to have talent shows, singing, dancing, it was very lively.

In addition to these entertainment activities, the company also gave awards to the outstanding staff who had worked hard during the year, thanking them for their efforts in the year. Meanwhile, the company hope they would be even better next year.

The annual meeting came to a close with a chorus and everyone started to eat. We celebrated a perfect ending to the year and hoped that next year will be even better.


X.Y TOWERS | Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China—2021.07

To celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, XY TOWER carried out the celebration of "July 1" theme Party Day activity.

The company organized all Party members to review the oath, re-read the declaration, and carry out educational activities on revolutionary traditions, ideals and beliefs.

This allowed all staff to experience the spirit of the Party and carry it forward in their daily work.


X.Y. TOWERS | Friendly Basketball Match with COFCO to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party - 2021.06

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China ,Sichuan Xiangyue Power Component Co., Ltd. and COFCO Packaging Co., Ltd. held a friendly basketball match between 4 and 6 pm on June 28.

through this basketball game, we understand that only by uniting and working together can we create brilliance.

X.Y. TOWERS | 2020 Mid-year Work Summary&Hiking - 2020.07

A Mid-year work summary will be held each year. The general content of the summary is about evaluation & plan and suggestions. The biggest benefit of the summary is that the company will collect a lot of suggestions from employees and then implement.

Meeting held in the famous Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu this time. After the meeting,we had a wilderness adventure hiking and enjoyed a very great time.


X.Y. TOWERS | Celebrate 2020 Chinese New Year - 2019.12

To celebrate 2020 Chinese new year, we all got gifts from the company,and the outstanding colleagues also got rewards. X.Y. Towers thanked every employee for their hard work and looking forward to bright future together in 2021.

X.Y. TOWERS | Love Donation - 2018.02

Knowing our colleague Changquan Zhang, who works in production department got cancel and chemotherapy required high medical expenses, X.Y.  tower company's labor union issued a charity donation proposal to all employees. For a while, many of the company's colleagues participated in this loving activity. As of February 3, 2018, a total of $1.6 donations have been collected .This donation has been immediately transferred to Changquan Zhang from the company union for treatment.


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