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Some Recent Projects

YunNan (4)

YunNan-110kV 2020.10

Project name:110 kV power transmission and transformation project of Shabao Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station in Nayong County

Adress:BiJie city,YunNan


Hill area -110kV 2020.09

The new construction of the 110kV line from Quxian Xicheng to Langya, Wire :JL/G1A-300/40-24/7 steel core aluminum stranded wire, ground wire:JLB20A-80, OPGW-24B1-80. Total length of the line is 29KM, the angle steel tower is 90 bases, Toatl weight is 550 tons. The order was  signed in September 2020 until delivery in October 2020, and the cycle was 35 days. It has been put into operation normally in early December 2020.


Hill area – 220kV    2020.6

Huarun Yuexi Sigan Baozu 84MW Wind Power Project 220kV single line project, Wire :JL/G1A-300/40-24/7, Ground wire :OPGW-24B1-80. Total length of the line is 19.35KM, Total quantity of angle steel tower is 45 sets, Total weight is 680 tons. The order is signed in May 2020 to delivery in June 2020, and the production time is 25 days. It will be put into operation normally in early November 2020.

Hill area  (4)

Hill area -35kV 2020.5

For the new construction project from 110kV Wumu Station to Longyanjing 35kV in Suining, Sichuan, the wire adopts JL/G1A-300/25 and the ground wire adopts OPGW-24B1-50. Total length of the line is 9.5KM, the angle steel tower and the steel pipe pole are 30 bases, Total weight is 260 tons. The order was signed in April 2020 to delivery in May 2020, and the cycle was 25 days. It has been put into operation normally in August 2020.


High-altitude area 110kV 2020.1

Newly-built single-circuit line project in Wangda~Bitu 110kV, Zuogong city,Tibet,conductor JL/G1A-185/35-26/7 ground line GJ-70, the total length of the line is 126KM.Total quantity angle steel tower is 311 sets, Total weight is 3150 tons . It took 90 days after the order was signed in October 2019 to the completion of the delivery of the tower in January 2020, and the entire line was put into operation in August 2020.


General area –220kV 2019.12

General area: Mongolia, the new construction of 110k double loops on the user side of Mongolia project. Wire:JL/G1A-240/30.Ground wire: OPGW-24B1-80. The total length of the line is 11KM, Total quantity:angle steel tower is 35 sets. Total weight : 483 tons. The order is signed  in September 2019, and the production time is 22 days. It has been put into operation normally in early March 2020.