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Legged Telecommunication Tower

15M 4-Legged Telecommunication Tower-Mongolia -----2024.5

In May this year, Mongolia’s 15-meter four-column communication tower project started construction. The launch of this project will provide more stable and reliable support for Mongolia’s communication network and provide more convenient communication services for local residents and enterprises. It will also inject new vitality into local economic development and social progress, and contribute to Mongolia’s modernization drive.



Laos 85m Welding Communication Tower -----2024.02

In 2023, Xiangyue had its first cooperation with clients from Laos - welding communication towers. The tower has a total of 17 sections and a total height of 85 meters. The communication tower will become an important communication infrastructure in Laos, providing stable and efficient communication services for local residents. This project was basically completed and put into use in February 2024.

Hydropower Bureau (1)

Hydropower Bureau No. 5-Luding Project 110kV Roof Structure-----2024.01

This project is built on the roof, and the construction and installation are mainly based on local terrain and wind speed conditions to ensure the safe and stable operation of power equipment. It is expected that the project will be completed and put into use as soon as possible. XYTOWER hopes to bring more good electric products and services to various places. The attached pictures are from on-site pictures.


Liangshan 200MW PV Project----2023.09.10

In order to promote local economic development and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, XYTOWER cooperated with Huizhou County, Liangshan Prefecture to build a 200MW PV project. The project aims to provide clean, cheap and stable energy supply under the premise of sustainable development, and jointly build a better environment and future.

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Mongolia Guyed Tower Package and Shipment

Mongolia 19.3 meter guyed tower are being packed and shipped. On the 19th, all the guyed towers ordered by Mongolia have been produced according to the order requirements and are currently being packaged and shipped. To prevent any material damage, XYTOWER uses steel strap and angle iron fixtures to secure the package. After packing, the batch of goods will be transported to the designated port by truck. Attached are some on-site delivery pictures for your reference.

project (2)

Timor-Leste-- 57m Guyed Tower—2023.06

Project Name:57m Guyed Tower


This cooperation is third time with Timor-Leste customers. The customer browsed our product information and placed an order through Alibaba. In April, the customer came to the factory to inspect the products and was very satisfied with the quality. The entire shipment was dispatched in June.


Address:Timor-Leste    Date:06-2023

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Trial Tower

In order to ensure the accuracy and precision of our products, we conduct tower tests before mass production. On August 10th, the test of the Mongolian tubular iron tower was completed.

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110kV Substation Structure——2023.04.10

XYTOWER and Sichuan Energy Construction Gansu Engineering Co., Ltd. cooperated to carry out the 2021 agricultural power grid consolidation and upgrading project in Zizhong County. In this project, XYTOWER is mainly responsible for the construction of 110kV substation structure. XYTOWER provided technical support to the construction personnel in combination with the local environment, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project. The project was completed on April 10 this year.

project (5)

American—Iron Accessories---2023.05

In May this year, a customer from the United States contacted us through Alibaba, asking for information about iron accessories and other products. Through active communication with Dracy, we successfully established a partnership and successfully signed this order. This partnership also marks our first entry into the US market. We believe that through this successful cooperation, we will be able to gain more opportunities to provide more customers with quality products and services and achieve our long-term development goals.


Address:American    Date:29.05-2023

project (6)

Zambia-- 330KV Triangular Tubular Transmission Tower—2023.04

Project Name:330KV Triangular Tubular Transmission Tower

They found us through our google independent website. They urgently needed us to design a tubular electricity tower for them, according to the local geography and wind speed etc.

Dracy Luo was also very professional and enthusiastic to help them, and finally achieved a successful cooperation, and the customer sent us pictures from the installation site

Address:Zambia     Date:16.04-2023


Myanmar--66KV、132kv、230kv PV Project Power Transmission Tower—2022.12

Project Name:Myanmar - 66kV、132kv、230kv PV Project Power Transmission Tower

The Customer found us via Alibaba In December 2022 for inquiry angle steel lattice power transmission tower.

After the communication with Dracy, Successful collaboration of 800 tons which will be manufactured according to the drawings provided by the customer ,and packaged and shipped according to the requirements. then sent the PO to us.

Address:Myanmar      Date:12-12-2022

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Timor-Leste --35M and 45M 3 Legged Telecommunication Tower—2022.08

Project Name:Timor-Leste -35M and 45M 3 Legged Telecommunication Tower

This is the second collaboration with Timor-Leste, this time for a total of 100 tons, and the project has been completed and sent to us with videos and pictures.

Address:Myanmar      Date:12-08-2022

project (8)

Malaysia--60M and 76M Telecommunication Tower---2022.05

Project Name:60M and 76M Telecommunication Tower

After several confirmations with the customer, the contract was finally signed in May 2022 for a total of 100 tons, 60M and 76M communication towers. And according to the customer's requirements box delivery. Now this project has been installed and put into use, the customer send pictures to us.

Address:Malaysia     Date:16.05-2022

project (9)

Myanmar - 66kV Power Transmission Tower 2022.07

Project Name:Myanmar - 66kV Power Transmission Tower 2022.07

The Customer found us via Alibaba In September 2021 for inquiry 66kV angle steel lattice power transmission tower.

We carry out setting out, blanking, production, inspection, assembly, shipment according to the customer's drawings, and finally reach the customer's hands. We maintain close communication with the customer throughout the whole process to ensure that the customer can understand any progress of the tower.

Address:Myanmar      Date:07-07-2022

project (10)

Mongolia - 20meters 4 legged telecommunication tower 2022.03

Project Name:Mongila - 20meters 4 legged telecommunication tower

The Customer found us via Alibaba In December 2021 for inquiry 4 legged self supporting 20meters telecom tower.

A total of 20 iron towers with a height of 20 meters are designed, produced and processed according to the customer's drawings, and packaged and shipped according to the customer's requirements

Address:Mongolia Date:03-15-2022

project (11)

Nicaragua - 33kV Transmission line tower 2021.11

Project Name:Nicaragua 33KV Power Transmission Tower 30M Height Project

After two months of unremitting efforts by the salesman, we finally reached a cooperation with Nicaragua to supply 25m high 33kV power tower and promote the power infrastructure construction of Nicaragua。

Address:Nicaragua  Date:04-18-2021


project (12)

Myanmar - 11kV Transmission Line Tower 2021.10

Project Name:Myanmar - 11kv Transmission Line Tower 2021.10

Myanmar Mr Yao find XYTOWER from Alibaba,After the unremitting efforts by the sales Darcy, we finally reached a cooperation with Myanmar to supply low voltage 11kV power transmission line tower and promote the power infrastructure construction of Myanma.


Address:Myanma Date:10-2021

project (13)

Myanmar - 11kV Electric Power Transmission Tower 2021.06

Project Name:Myanmar 11KV Power Transmission Tower 27M Height Project

Myanmar Padauk Co.,Ltd found us via Alibaba.com on August,2020 for purchasing 8 sets towers for crossing river.

After about 10 days communication,they decide adopt our drawing we recommend according to their specifications & requirement ,then sent the PO to us.

Address:Myanmar  Date:02-06-2021

project (14)

Mongolia - 60meter Telecom Tower 2021.06

Mr Aibolat found us via Alibaba on April 2021 for inquiry 4 leg 60meter telecom tower.

Due to the epidemic, their project has been behind schedule for several months. Therefore, this purchase was very urgent, requiring us to produce within one month and deliver it to Eren hot, the border between Mongolia and China. 

A few days after the first communication, he placed the  order with us, and we completed the production and 
deliver it on time. 
Photo sent by the customer after the project completed

Address:Mongolia  Date:23-06-2021
project (15)

Philipines - 30meter Tower for Golf Driving Range 2020.03

On March 2020.Mr H contacted XY towers via ALIBABA for golf driving range towers.Each tower carries a net wall weighing 100 kg acting vertically and a ceiling net weighing 30 kg at top of each tower at right angles across to next tower.After many times  negotiation with Mr H about details on vertical and horizontal load capacity and pricing details .

Accroding to Mr H's information.XY designed a three-legged tower for Mr. H. Each tower weighs about 5 tons,totally around 200tons  .Pcitues offered by Mr H after one site were completed.


Address:Mongolia  Date:18-03-2020

Laos - 10KV Iron Accessories 2021.01

Project Name:Laos - 10KV Iron Accessories 2021.01 

Our Company Provides Laos Customer with Power Transmission Tower Iron Accessories,Total Weight : 540 tons.The Order is Signed in January 2021, and the Production Time is 22 Days. It has been Put into Operation Normally in Early April 2021.

Address:Laos   Date:01-10-2021


project (16)

Iraq- 132kV Electric Power Tower 2020.10

Project Name:Iraq 132kV Power Transmission Tower 


According to the design drawings provided by customers, we analyzed them, and then started production and processing. After processing, we carried out assembly test, and tested whether the materials meet the standards, which was unanimously satisfactory to customers.

Address:Iraq   Date:06-10-2020


Sri Lanka - Electric Substation Structure 2020.08

Project Name:Sri Lanka - Electric Substation Structure Project


We Have Cooperation with Sri Lanka Customers in This Project, with a Total Weight of 130 Tons, The Order is Signed in March 2021, and the Production Time is 40 Days. It has been Put into Operation Normally in Early April 2021. 

Address:Sri Lanka   Date:23-08-2020

project (17)

Surinam - Iron Accessories 2020.03

Project Name:Surinam - Iron Accessories Stay Rods 2020.03


We Have Cooperation with Surinam Customers in iron accessories supplying, with a Total Weight of 50 Tons, The Order is Signed in February 2020, and the Production Time is 30 Days. It has been Put into Operation Normally in Early February 2020. 

Address:Surinam   Date:08-03-2020

project (18)

Mongolia –110kV Galvanized Steel Tower 2019.12


General area: Mongolia, the new construction of 110k double loops on the user side of Mongolia project. Wire:JL/G1A-240/30.Ground wire: OPGW-24B1-80. The total length of the line is 11KM, Total quantity:angle steel tower is 35 sets. Total weight : 483 tons. The order is signed  in September 2019, and the production time is 22 days. It has been put into operation normally in early March 2020.


Address:Mongolia  Date:03-14-2020

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