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Research Policy

Research and Development

X.Y. Tower has paid a lot of attention on the research and development of product and sticks to it as the long-term principle. X.Y. Tower invests annually reasonable funds of its revenue in R&D and got “the small and medium-sized high-tech company” certificate which was issued by local government. 

Motivated by the policy of innovation and quality enhancement, R&D department have been equipped with a modern laboratory that assists to carry out various R&D activities.

R&D department works on new ideas and solutions which we believe add value to this industry and which have been implemented into many of our products.

Our R&D team is formed of senior engineers of company and our partners such as universities and research institutes. The R&D team undertake intensive studies to gather insights about the electric industry and the developments taking place in the field of, galvanized metal surface, transmission towers, telecom towers, substation structures and iron accessories. The data collected from the research is recorded and analyzed so that it can be used for product development or merely for references.

Patents we have got


Comitted to integrity

U.C.C invests annually reasonable funds of its revenue in R&D programs developing cutting edge products and competitive solution on an international level. Through its implemented projects, registered international patents, offered advanced solutions and its participation, often as the lead partner.

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