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45m Triangular Radio Telecom Tower

Type: Triangular Lattice Telecommunication Towers

Surface Treatment: Hot dip galvanizing 

Material: Q235B, Q355B, Q420B

Height: As per design

Wind Speed: As per design

Certificates: GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015


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professional steel towers manufacturer and exporter

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SiChuan XiangYue Power Line Components Co.,Ltd. (Short as X.Y. Tower)was founded in 2008. X.Y. Tower has vast experience in electrical industry and is now one of steel tower enterprises with the largest scale of self-supporting exports in southwest China

The company is mainly engaged in the processing and production of transmission line towers, telecommunication towers, electric iron fittings, substation structures, and metal components for railways, highways and civil uses of 500kv and less, as well as the hot-dip galvanizing of steel structure parts.

Our goal is to strive to provide customers with satisfactory products and services!!

Product Name
45m Triangular Radio Telecom Tower
Raw Material
Surface Treatment
Hot dip galvanized
Galvanized Thickness
Average layer thickness 86um
GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
More than 30 years
Manufacturing Standard
Galvanizing Standard
Raw Material Standards
GB/T700-2006, ISO630-1995, GB/T1591-2018;GB/T706-2016;
Fastener Standard
GB/T5782-2000. ISO4014-1999
Welding Standard
AWS D1.1
Design Wind Speed
30M/S (varies by regions)
Icing Depth
5mm-7mm: (varies by regions)
Aseismatic Intensity
Preference Temperature
Vertical Missing
Ground Resistance


In order to ensure the product quality, we start from the procurement of raw materials. For the raw materials, angle steel and steel pipes required for product processing, our factory purchases the products of large factories with reliable quality throughout the country. Our factory also needs to inspect the quality of raw materials to ensure that the quality of raw materials must meet national standards and have the original factory certificate and inspection report.


After the production of the iron tower is completed, in order to ensure the quality of the iron tower, the quality inspector shall conduct assembly test on it, strictly control the quality, strictly control the inspection procedures and standards, and strictly inspect the machining dimension and machining accuracy according to the provisions of the quality manual, so as to ensure that the machining accuracy of parts meets the standard requirements. 

Other Services:

1. The customer can entrust a third-party testing organization to test the tower.

2. Accommodation can be provided for customers who come to the factory to inspect the tower.


Myanmar electric tower assembly


East Timor telecom tower assembly


Nicaragua electric tower assembly


Assembled steel tower

After assembly & test, the next step will be carried out: hot dip galvanizing, which aims at beauty, rust prevention and prolonging the service life of the steel tower.

The company has own galvanizing plant, professional galvanizing team, experienced galvanizing teachers for guidance, and processing in strict accordance with ISO1461 galvanizing standard.

The following are our galvanizing parameters for reference:

Galvanized standard: ISO:1461
Thickness of zinc coating
Standard and requirement ≧86μm
Strength of adhesion Corrosion by CuSo4
Zinc coat not be stripped and raised by hammering 4 times


After Galvanization,we start to package,Every piece of our products is coded according to the detail drawing. Every code will be put a steel seal on each piece. According to the code, clients will clearly know a single piece belong to which type and segments.

All the pieces are properly numbered and packaged through the drawing which could guarantee no single piece missing and easily to be installed.


 To get professional quotations, please email to us or submit the following sheet, we will contact you in 24 hours and pls check your emailbox.

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