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According to the application, the electrical cross arm is also named power pole cross arms, utility pole cross arms, telephone pole cross arms, light pole cross arms or crossarms for short. In different application setups, there are different configurations for the electrical cross arm. For instance, power pole cross arms are connected with the pin insulator by insulator pin, and the insulator connects with the wire to realize the power delivery. Light pole cross arms are used on the light pole to support the streetlight power.

The electrical cross arm is connected to the pole by double arming bolt, pigtail bolt, or U bolt. There are cross arm braces to support the cross arm so that the line will not drop off.

The main process for making the electrical cross arm is pressing. All holes are pressed in one operation with no burrs on it. There are any holes on the crossarm, the holes are used to connect other pole line hardware.

All matching holes for bolts are compatible with each other so a gauge 2 mm less in diameter than the diameter of the bolt will pass freely through the assembled pole line hardware fitting in a direction at a right angle to such members.

To keep the crossarm hole size accurate, Jingyoung team uses an automatic machine. The automatic machine also shortens the production time and saves the labor cost. This way, Jingyoung gets perfect feedback from the customers.

XY Tower team is very strict with the raw material selection, for the electrical cross arm, XY Tower does not use recycled material. As a responsible cross arm manufacturer, XY Tower team will try their best to make your business take off. Welcome to send us an inquiry now.

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