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Looking back on 2023, in order to achieve better results in 2024, X.Y. TOWER held an annual year-end summary meeting for all employees on January 19, 2024. At the meeting, the heads of each department reported on departmental activities and achievements in the past year, current problems, improvement measures, and work plans for 2024.


In terms of output, X.Y. TOWER has achieved an output of more than 19,000 tons, and sales in 2023 will also have a major breakthrough. In terms of international trade, we will explore markets in the United States, Laos, and Fiji. In addition to the fruitful results achieved by various departments, in terms of factory construction, X.Y. TOWER purchased multiple production equipment and the single-tube and pole workshop was renovated and put into use. The production and design technology of single-tube poles is also very mature; X.Y. TOWER not only provides angle steel products, but also steel pipe products. The results in 2023 are impressive, but there are also some problems in the work of the past year that need to be avoided and improved in 2024.

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In 2024, all employees of X.Y. TOWER will redouble their efforts and create new brilliance. Bring the best to every client we serve.

Post time: Jan-30-2024

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