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With the continuous growth and development of the global economy, network communication has become the rapid guarantee of economic growth. The improvement and operation of communication signals is an indispensable condition to ensure the continuous supply of the network, in which the communication tower plays a major role.

Before the communication tower is put into operation, the trial assembly of the communication tower is a very important part of the tower production. At present, it is also a very important link to inspect the production of iron towers,


Today, we conducted a trial assembly of the 76 meter communication tower of the Malaysian customer. Because of the height, we carried out it in two stages. At present, the first stage is in progress. #XYTOWER #Activity #telecom #communication tower


As for the current problem of test assembly of communication tower, test assembly is an important process to test the overall installation effect of tower. In addition to comprehensively testing the setting out effect in this process, it is more important to be able to find the key processes in the production of iron tower, find the difficulties in the production process in this process, and then give comprehensive guidance in the actual production process. Therefore, the trial assembly of iron tower is of great significance to the safe production of steel towers.



Post time: Apr-28-2022

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