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3M-150M Telecom Towers

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From 3M-150M or according to client’s requirement
Suit for
Signal transmission
According to client’s requirement
Normally Q235B/A36,Yeild Strength≥235MPa
Q345B/A572,Yeild Strength≥345MPa
Tolerance of the dimension
According to client’s requirement
Surface treatment
Hot-dip-galvanized following ASTM123, or any other standard by client’s requirement
Joint of Poles
Slip joint, flanged connected
Length of per section
Within 13M once forming
Welding Standard
AWS(American Welding Society)D 1.1
Production Process
Raw material test-cutting-bending-welding-dimension verify-flange welding-hole drilling-sample assemble-surface clean-galvanization-recalibration-packing
Life Period
Over 30 Years,According to installing environment.

item classification

Guyed tower has a novel appearance,and its biggest characteristic is strengthened by using steel guy wire.
Guyed tower is a common type of communication tower which is economical and practical.
It is lighter and cheaper than the others.
It is very suitable for the geographical wide areas.
Self supporting tower usually is 3leg of 4leg tower, and its material is steel pipe or angle steel. As for the connection, tubular tower is connected by flange, and angle steel tower is connected by nuts and bolts.
1.strong wind resistance.
Small coefficient of wind load,
2.Save land resource, convenient location.
3.Convenient transportation and installation.

Single tube tower also called monopole tower, with beautiful appearance, covering an small area of 9 to 18 square meter, cost - effective , and is adopted by majority of the construction. Tower body adopt more reasonable section, which is connected through high strength bolt. It has the characteristics of easy installation and can adapt to a variety of complicated field site.

Camouflaged Tree Tower is also a kind of cartificial trees of Bionic tree tower, on base like a real one, plus the meticulous design, when placed among the real trees in sightseeing area, park and square, it will be a part of the nature.

1. Exquisite structure, gorgeous appearance.
2. Strong structural stability, long working life.
3. Small area covering, great economic effect.

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