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500kV high voltage transmission tower

Transmission line tower is a tower structure used to support and overhead conductors, lightning wires and other accessories, so as to maintain a specified safe distance between conductors, conductors and towers, conductors and lightning wires, and conductors to the ground or crossing objects.

Our product covers the 11kV to 500kV while include different tower type for example suspension tower, strain tower, angle tower, end tower etc. 

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Transmission tower is a tall structure, usually a steel lattice tower, use to support an overhead power line. We render these products with the help of diligent workforce having vast experience in this field. We go through detailed line survey, route maps, spotting of towers, chart structure and technique document while providing these products.

Our product covers the 11kV to 500kV while include different tower type for example suspension tower, strain tower, angle tower, end tower etc. 

Additionally, we still have a vast designed tower type and design service to be offered while if clients have no drawings.

Product name high voltage 500kV Transmission line tower
Brand X.Y. Towers
Voltage grade 550kV
Nominal height 18-55m
Numbers of bundle conductor 1-8
Wind speed 120km/h
Lifetime More than 30 years
Production standard GB/T2694-2018 or customer required
Raw Material Q255B/Q355B/Q420B/Q460B
Raw Material standard GB/T700-2006,ISO630-1995;GB/T1591-2018;GB/T706-2016 or Customer Required
Thickness angel steel L40*40*3-L250*250*25; Plate 5mm-80mm
Production Process Raw material test → Cutting →Molding or bending →Verification of dimensions →Flange/Parts welding →Calibration → Hot Galvanized →Recalibration →Packages→ shipment
Welding standard AWS D1.1
Surface treatment Hot dip galvanized
Galvanized standard ISO1461 ASTM A123
Color Customized
Fastener GB/T5782-2000; ISO4014-1999 or Customer Required
Bolt performance rating 4.8;6.8;8.8
Spare Parts 5% bolts will be delivered
Certificate ISO9001:2015
Capacity 30,000 tons/ year
Time to Shanghai Port 5-7 days
Delivery Time Usually within 20 days depends on demand quantity
size and weight tolerance 1%
minimum order quantity 1 set
detail (4)
detail (8)

Hot-dip galvanizing

Quality of Hot-dip galvanizing is one of our strength, Our CEO Mr. Lee is an expert in this field with reputation in Western-China. Our team has vast experience in HDG process and especially good at handling the tower in high corrosion areas.   

Galvanized standard: ISO:1461-2002.


Thickness of zinc coating

Strength of adhesion

Corrosion by CuSo4

Standard and requirement


Zinc coat not be stripped and raised by hammering

4 times

detail (3)
detail (2)

Quality Commitment

In order to keep providing quality products, ensuring every pieces of products are perfect. We strictly inspect the process from the raw material purchasing to the final shipment and all steps are in charge by professional technicians. The production workers and QC engineers sign the Quality Assurance Letter with company. They promise they will be responsible to their job and products they manufacture should be quality.

X.Y. Tower values the quality of our products very much. Here, we make a promise:

1. The products of our factory are strict accordance with customer’ requirements and national standard GB/T2694-2018《Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Transmission Line Towers》,DL/T646-1998《Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Transmission Line Steel Pipe Poles》and ISO9001 -2015 quality management system. 

2. For the special requirements of the clients, the technical department of our factory will make drawings for customers. The customer should confirm the drawing and technical information are correct or not, then the production process shall be taken.

3. The quality of raw materials is significant for the towers. X.Y. Tower purchases raw materials from well-established companies and state-own companies. We also do physical and chemical experiment of the raw materials to make sure that the quality of raw materials must meet national standards or requirements of client. All the raw material of our company has product qualification certificate from steel- make company, while we make a detail record about where the raw material of product come from. 


Package and shipment

Every piece of our products is coded according to the detail drawing. Every code will be put a steel seal on each piece. According to the code, clients will clearly know a single piece belong to which type and segments.

All the pieces are properly numbered and packaged through the drawing which could guarantee no single piece missing and easily to be installed.



Normally, the product will ready in 20 working days after deposit. Then the product will take 5-7 working days to arrive at Shanghai Port.

For some countries or regions, like Central Asia, Myanmar, Vietnam etc., China-Europe freight train and carriage by land may be two better options of transportation. 


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